Tablets i-Vii  

Asphalt Desert
Lewisham Art House, London
10th- 20th May 2018

Concrete, wood, plaster board 

Concrete, MDF, plaster board, wood

'When You Travel in Time, Leave Nothing Behind'
In collaboration with Amba Sayal-Bennett and Anna Hillbom.

When you travel in time, leave nothing behind is a collaborative show with three emerging female artist. Anna Hillbom, Amba Sayal Bennett and Emma Papworth share a deep interest in exploring intrinsic qualities of material and shape, in order to bring out a possible mystic through poetic, tactile means and a personal definition of logics.

In sculpture, drawing and installation, an urgency to decipher and re-think signifiers of authority becomes evident. Gestures from ancient art, classical architecture, modern cityscape and archaeological founds are canalized and obscured in order to question ideas of body, agency, canonic history-writing and a linear sense of time.

The works of the exhibition act as a collaborative installation between the artists where the agency of each artist at times is blurred, at times visible, in an attempt to question the relation of object and agency in the gallery space as well as in a broader context of history writing.